We create tangible representations of love, luxury, and sophistication.

Over two decades of fine jewelry making are packed inside every stunning Flawless piece. With great leadership skills from our founder M. Faisal Akram, we will deliver more than just luxury accessories you’ll love to wear… we will create tangible representations of love, luxury, and sophistication.

Flawless The Diamond Company is a Las Vegas-based fine jewelry company dedicated to serving you with masterfully-crafted jewelry pieces you’ll love to show off to the world. Each thoughtfully handcrafted piece is made using finely sourced gold and diamonds that only deliver our standards for how fine jewelry should be.

We work intricately with our partners.

Our goal is to deliver the most exquisite pieces to you at prices that are reasonable for quality jewelry. To consistently deliver on this promise, we work directly with suppliers of the fine gold and hand-polished diamonds we use. No middle man means no unnecessary increase in prices to make a decent profit.

We turn your ideas into wearable pieces that are captivating.

Gone are the days when you had to settle for what is only available. Work with us and let us bring your idea of the perfect gold necklace to life. We specialize in custom orders and will make the piece you want from scratch.

Let us know what you want done and we’ll work with our trusted suppliers to get the materials we need to create the piece.

Stellar customer experience.

Our brand philosophy revolves around creating quality jewelry pieces from fine materials we source directly from trusted suppliers. This allows us to bring a uniquely exquisite and stellar customer experience our clients love. We hope that by going above and beyond to deliver pre-made and custom jewelry pieces, we’re helping you become more elegant and confident.

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